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5th Dec


The 5 “R’s” of Early Childhood

Today I went to Help Me Grow’s Connection Cafe. The Connection Cafe a networking event they put on quarterly. In September, Play Your Part, Inc. joined Help Me Grow’s list serve! They have been a wealth of knowledge for me in getting to know other great therapists and referrals in the OC area.

Today’s guest speaker was Dr. Marc Lerner, Medical Officer from the Orange County Department of Education. He spoke about mental health and children and I am going to share with you what stayed with me from today’s lecture.

Everyday, Every Child: The 5 “R’s” of Early Childhood

1. Routines: Routines help children know what to expect of us and what is expected of them. They are crucial in setting boundaries, helping for organized children in the future, and children REALLY depend on routines for being able to anticipate what their day/week will entail.

2. Reading: As parents and caretakers, we should be reading together daily. This will lead to early literacy.

3. Rhyming, Playing and Cuddling: Self-explanatory, no?! Get on the floor and play with your child. Sing a song as you dance around the kitchen table. Cuddle under a warm fuzzy blanket as you talk about your weekend plans.

4. Reward: Reward your child for everyday successes! PRAISE is a powerful reward. Thank your child for making their bed without asking. Tell them you’re proud of them for doing a good job on their book report. Remind them that they are a good friend when they help somebody out.

5. Relationships: Reciprocal and nurturing. Make sure to take time to connect with your extended family and friends as it is the foundation of healthy children. If you make those connections as parents, your children will realize and learn this for their future relationships.

Are you already succeeding in the 5 “R’s” of early childhood?! This list is a good reminder for all of us. I hope you enjoyed today’s post! Feel free to comment below.


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