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Brianna is an incredibly talented and gifted music therapist.  She is an excellent musician, organized, and works well with a broad range of clients–very important when owning a music therapy practice.  Her strength is her intuition when working with clients and understanding their needs.

Barbara Reuer, PhD, MT-BC, Executive Director, Resounding Joy Inc. and CEO & Founder, MusicWorx Inc.

The Play Your Part team is friendly and welcoming. They have an individualized approach for each client to make sure they get the most out of each music therapy session. Just by observing them, I can tell they have a true passion for helping people and sharing their love for music.

Kelsey Stoerck, Chapman University Education Major

The video you sent us (of my son playing piano) is wonderful beyond belief.  My son has a clear interest in music and he seems to have the aptitude to excel.  Thank you for all you are doing to help nurture his musical side.  It is really heartwarming to see.

Father of 5-year old son with Autism

Brianna has a magical presence that enlightens, inspires, and encourages children and adults to use their voice and express themselves.  She has brightened the lives and has improved the quality of life for my students with disabilities.

Program Manager of Adult Day Program, Cincinnati, Ohio

Miss Brianna is the best.  We started out with her as our music therapist helping treat my son’s moderate autism when he was about 2.  She handled his special needs with confidence and humor and had him instantly connected and eager to speak in order to PLAY MORE MUSIC.  We started taking group music classes with a friend and her two girls, focusing on taking turns, speech, and other social skills, and then transitioned into the Let’s Play Music class with my two oldest children in the same class (they are 1.5 years apart).  They LOVE it.  And I have to say, as a parent who took 20 years of music lessons, this class really teaches the fundamentals of music quickly, easily, and without the kids even knowing it.  Suddenly BAM they just have the knowledge and ability!  My oldest daughter started out needing two buckets and a wheelbarrow to carry a tune, now she sings mostly on-key and is improving every day.  Both kids love playing the piano and are very excited to start composing their OWN piece of music – which just blows my mind.  Cannot recommend Play Your Part and the Let’s Play Music program enough!  My baby will be starting in the 0-4 year old Sound Beginnings class in Fall of 2017!

Meghan Dawson, Mother of 3

We love Let’s Play Music at Play Your Part studio. Ms. Bri is fantastic! We’ve had 2 of our kids participate in the Let’s Play Music program. One has completed the course and the second is nearly done. I can’t recommend this program enough! My older daughter has gone onto private piano lessons and her teacher is amazed at how much my daughter understands some of the tougher concepts. My younger daughter (6) is currently composing a song about her brother! She is taking the concepts she has learned and creating her own masterpiece!  My girls adore Ms. Bri! Her classes are fun and engaging and worth EVERY penny!

Mother of 6 year old Let's Play Music Student

Brianna has done an excellent job meeting the diverse needs of my students.  She incorporates visuals and movement into her lessons and she has developed an excellent rapport with the students and staff members on our campus…Brianna has creatively implemented the various concepts and lessons that I have been working on into her sessions and has also strived to enhance our students’ communication and social skills.

Intervention Specialist, Special Education Program, Cincinnati, Ohio

I found Brianna to be patient, knowledgeable and willing to accommodate my son’s special needs.  She would be an asset to any organization, especially one whose mission is to teach and foster a joy in music, promoting confidence through competence.

Mother of 16-year old son who suffers from PDD and Bipolar Disorder