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Sound Beginnings (0-4 yr olds)

Welcome to Sound Beginnings! Where parents and kids learn to play and interact in a nurturing, loving way. Folk songs, finger plays, story books, and circle games delight children as they have for centuries. Leave the digital, plastic world behind and come to a place where human touch is the best teacher. Nestled safely in beautiful music, is the curriculum that is a sound beginning. To view a video of a Sound Beginnings class, please visit our Yelp Page.

For more info about the program, scroll down or visit the Let’s Play Music/Sound Beginnings Website.


Children learn best when they feel loved and nurtured. This fact is the core of the Sound Beginnings philosophy. Sound Beginnings provides the structure for natural play between a parent and his or her child. Taking us back to days before electronic stimulus, buttons and screens, Sound Beginnings gives the parents the tools to connect with their child on an intimate, playful level. These tools, both musical and literary, provide a solid framework for a child to learn, thrive and flourish.

Now, that’s a sound beginning.

Sample Classes

Only a few free sample classes remain. Head on over to our event page to see availability, or contact Brianna.

Registration Information

Classes Held for Spring 2018: Once a week:

Monday Mornings at 10:30am at Play Your Part, Inc.’s studio in Mission Viejo.

Thursday Mornings 10:00am at Play Your Part, Inc.’s studio in Mission Viejo.

Class Duration: 30 minutes once per week, 15 week semester

Entry Age: Family class for children waddlers through 4 years old and parent/caregiver

Tuition*: Yearly $35 registration fee per child; $55/month 1 child, $75/month for sibling pair. There are 4-tutition installments per semester.

Fall 2017 Semester: End of August through December, 4 payments

Spring 2018 Semester: January through April, 4 payments

Materials fee: $30 for each semester (4 months) – includes colored Workbook, CD & digital download, and semester instrument.

Parent Involvement: Attend class every week, play the CD and encourage class songs and activities at home.

To Register: Click here: Registration for Sound Beginnings. Click to View SB Orientation.

*Once registered, you are committing to an entire semester of classes (15 weeks). If classes are missed, tuition is still due in full.  If you decide to not complete the semester, all tuition installments are still owed. However, you are not committed to an additional semester.