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Music Lessons
We are looking to hire a piano teacher. Click here for the job posting.
  • We all recognize that music is an integral part of our lives, whether manifest in the car, singing in the shower, or to relax after a long day. Research has proven that learning music at a young age promotes cognitive development, language and reasoning, creativity, a sense of achievement, and responsibility. At Play Your Part, Inc. we also offer a full range of private music lessons/curriculum for aspiring young musicians and pre-professionals!

Little boys playing the piano

Types of Lessons
  • Brianna, a board-certified music therapist, pianist, and guitarist teaches beginning and intermediate levels of:
    • Piano
    • Guitar

    A registered MTAC educator, Brianna’s engaging and approachable method provides students with opportunities to learn music fundamentals in the areas of classical piano, classical/acoustic guitar, music theory, scales, etudes, and recital repertoire.

  • Meghan, a board-certified music therapist, flutist, pianist, and guitarist, teaches:
    • Piano (beginning and intermediate)
    • Guitar (beginning and intermediate)
    • Flute (beginning, intermediate, and advanced)

Please inquire about scheduling and costs.