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25th Oct


1. The oldest discovered musical instrument is 40,000 years old Two flutes found in a cave in Germany are made of bird bone and mammoth ivory. These instruments are dated to what is considered the prehistoric period of music, or the ...

14th Apr


Disclaimer: The following article uses identity-first language. To read about why the Autistic community prefers identity-first language, click here. This information is adapted from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s resource ...

11th Nov


On this Veterans Day, celebrating our veterans is a bit overshadowed by the election that occurred this past week, and understandably so. On the blog today I wanted to bring the focus back to our veterans, because caring for veterans ...

30th Sep


Right-click and select “Open Link in New Tab” to see the full-size, zoomed-in image. This infographic comes from Sonos Blog. Hopefully you are able to find some great work jams!

15th Feb


Getting a song stuck in your head happens to approximately 92% of us. It’s otherwise known as getting an “earworm”, translated from the German word Ohrwurm literally meaning “sticky music”. For scientific ...

11th Jan


1. Creativity 2. Confidence 3. Problem Solving 4. Perseverance 5. Focus 6. Non-Verbal Communication 7. Receiving Constructive Feedback 8. Collaboration 9. Dedication 10. Accountability Each year research continues to show these skills ...

14th Dec


Music Therapy is a profession in which behavior can be modified both temporarily and permanently with the reinforcement of music, or musical instruments in combination with specific verbiage. In order to set up clients for success, the ...

4th Nov


With the help of dōTERRA’s protective blend, ‘OnGuard’, my family and I have been all around healthier. OnGuard is a blend of essential oils, with the three main ingredients being clove, cinnamon and wild orange. ...

14th Oct


Play Your Part, Inc. is incorporating educating and advocating about the use of essential oils into its practice. dōTERRA* is an international company which was started just over six years ago and is the leader in the essential oils ...

4th Jun


Play Your Part’s office has moved from Irvine to Laguna Hills, CA. Thank you to all of the families who have made the move along with us! Our new office space provides an ample waiting area, private office, and a bigger and ...