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4th Jan


It is a pretty well known fact that if a student is a part of a smaller class, they get more individualized attention and thus increases learning rates and quality. While individual music therapy sessions are appropriate for many music ...

27th Apr


On Sunday, March 1st, Play Your Part, Inc.’s new studio opened with a bang! Over 60 people joined us in celebrating our new studio space in Mission Viejo. Check out our Facebook post for a glimpse into all the fun! Kids enjoyed ...

14th Jan


Today was my last day of teaching at OCSA for the semester. Parts of me were happy, parts of me were sad, but when the students led a few interventions for their final project…part of me felt anxious. Why…? I’m not ...

15th Oct


I recently came across this great website. Great concept. Great articles. Why hadn’t I heard of it before? Check out MajoringInMusic.Com. And more specifically, check out Music Therapy for Children with Autism. This fall ...

19th Feb


This past Saturday I presented about music therapy to the folks at Glass Mountain in Irvine, CA. Ten people were in attendance and I spoke about the field of music therapy, my story of why I became a music therapist, and then we ended ...

11th Feb


Here’s what’s happening at Play Your Part this month! We finished up our first series of “Music and Me” groups! We have started two new clients this month (yay!) and currently looking for more students and ...

19th Nov


As a new company in the Orange County community, we are trying to get involved as much as we can. This past week has been very busy, so here is an update of what we’ve been up to! On Saturday, November 16th, we hosted a booth at ...

12th Nov


Today’s post is about the use of music therapy with maladaptive behaviors (i.e. aggression, short attention span, won’t follow directions, difficulty coping, etc). Depending on diagnoses, approaches might vary a bit, but ...

25th Sep


If you’ve seen or worked with a child with Autism, it’s very likely that you’ve encountered a child who has issues processing information.  I’ve worked with children who need a lot of input (Hypo-Reactive ...

24th Sep


As of July 2013, the DSM-V has been released, shifting the already complicated requirements for ASD diagnoses.  A child will now be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder without  subcategories such as PDD-NOS, Asperger Syndrome. ...