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14th Apr


Disclaimer: The following article uses identity-first language. To read about why the Autistic community prefers identity-first language, click here. This information is adapted from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network’s resource ...

1st Apr


Courtesy of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by and for Autistic people.  What is Autism Acceptance Month? April is Autism Acceptance Month. During Autism Acceptance Month, we focus on ...

19th Jan


The National Endowment for the Arts released a guide in December 2016 to assist and encourage researchers and community arts providers to team up in research pursuits. It has been long-documented and is well-known the benefits of the ...

24th Aug


You’ve probably self-medicated with music before–most of us do it frequently! You listened to an upbeat song to motivate you for cardio exercise, you were soothed by a melancholy album during a rough patch, or maybe you ...

10th Aug


It’s no secret that we live in a rapidly-changing world. The internet and smart phones have drastically changed nearly every aspect of our culture in just a few short years, including our work force. Artificial Intelligence ...

17th Jun


There’s a reason why many of us love taking a walk, watching a beautiful sunset, or having a nice picnic. Exposure to nature and the outdoors correlate to many emotional, mental, and physical benefits, such as improved attention ...

4th May


If you’ve ever been told that you’re “tone deaf” or “can’t carry a tune,” don’t give up! A new study from Northwestern University suggests that singing is more like playing an instrument ...

20th Apr


According to research in this Forbes article, piano will make your kid smarter. It’s commonly known that knowing how to play piano, or knowing how to read music in general, can make you “smarter” but what is defined ...

15th Feb


Getting a song stuck in your head happens to approximately 92% of us. It’s otherwise known as getting an “earworm”, translated from the German word Ohrwurm literally meaning “sticky music”. For scientific ...

1st Feb

2016 *This blog post summarizes the article in the link above   We all want our children to be successful, but ...