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25th Oct


1. The oldest discovered musical instrument is 40,000 years old Two flutes found in a cave in Germany are made of bird bone and mammoth ivory. These instruments are dated to what is considered the prehistoric period of music, or the ...

29th Sep


Playing an instrument doesn’t feel the same as playing a sport. When you play a sport, you’re on your feet, you might be sweaty and out of breath, you feel your muscles burn and ache. Playing an instrument is usually done ...

26th Aug


Here are a few tips to help your music practice (or any other practice, for that matter) become more efficient and helpful, rather than discouraging and upsetting.   Slow down When you’re learning, it takes time for your ...

5th Jan


Happy New Year everyone, here are some knee-slappin’ music puns to give you a laugh. Click on each picture to see the full size!  

23rd Sep


In a study published in the journal Neurocase, Daniel Levitin, a professor at McGill University in Montreal, scanned the brain of famous Police frontman Sting. This scan took place while Levitin would play two different pieces of ...

8th Sep


This classic video from the World Science Festival in 2009 is an eye-opening experience if you’ve never seen it. I highly recommend singing along! It seems that the pentatonic scale, which he demonstrates in his interactive ...

4th May


If you’ve ever been told that you’re “tone deaf” or “can’t carry a tune,” don’t give up! A new study from Northwestern University suggests that singing is more like playing an instrument ...

14th Mar


You’ve probably had a moment (or more) where you put on your favorite song and either relax, get pumped up, or allow yourself to react to it in some way. Recorded music is truly a wonderful thing that helps add to our everyday ...

21st Oct


It’s the age-old question: How do I get my child interested in classical music?? Well, here’s a spoof.  Let me know if you try it with your kids and how it goes over! Happy Monday!