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20th Apr


According to research in this Forbes article, piano will make your kid smarter. It’s commonly known that knowing how to play piano, or knowing how to read music in general, can make you “smarter” but what is defined ...

4th Apr


The video above is a wonderful Tedx Talk of Dr. Deforia Lane presenting on Music Therapy and Medicine. She is an acclaimed music therapist who founded the University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, OH where she is ...

21st Mar


Whether you are already familiar with dōTERRA essential oils or not, you’ve probably heard of Frankincense before. It’s typically recognized because of the story it’s integrated into during the Christmas season. ...

14th Mar


You’ve probably had a moment (or more) where you put on your favorite song and either relax, get pumped up, or allow yourself to react to it in some way. Recorded music is truly a wonderful thing that helps add to our everyday ...

22nd Feb


These two women put on a spectacular show using a floor piano inside a toy store. They duet Bach’s Toccata in D and it’s very entertaining. It’s difficult to tell if either of these women were already familiar with ...

15th Feb


Getting a song stuck in your head happens to approximately 92% of us. It’s otherwise known as getting an “earworm”, translated from the German word Ohrwurm literally meaning “sticky music”. For scientific ...

1st Feb

2016 *This blog post summarizes the article in the link above   We all want our children to be successful, but ...

18th Jan


If you read this previous post about dŌTERRA essential oils but you’re still doing your research, keep on reading! If you haven’t checked it out, then you should know that these oils are natural aromatic compounds ...

11th Jan


1. Creativity 2. Confidence 3. Problem Solving 4. Perseverance 5. Focus 6. Non-Verbal Communication 7. Receiving Constructive Feedback 8. Collaboration 9. Dedication 10. Accountability Each year research continues to show these skills ...

4th Jan


It is a pretty well known fact that if a student is a part of a smaller class, they get more individualized attention and thus increases learning rates and quality. While individual music therapy sessions are appropriate for many music ...