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28th Jan


My dad came across this article yesterday and sent it my way, as did my father-in-law. ha ha. They are both always watching out for me! It briefly described using music therapy, specifically “Therapeutic Music Videos”, with ...

27th Jan


Did you all watch the Grammys last night? Of course I had to tune in as there were many musical collaborations in the line up. My favorite (by far!) was Carole King and Sara Bareilles’ duet of “Beautiful Brave”. King ...

13th Jan


On January 7, 2014, Play Your Part, Inc. had an article published! We are so excited and thrilled about the article and hope that it brings new clients our way.

9th Jan


Wanted to stop by and wish all of my families and students a Happy New Year! This week, Play Your Part gained an additional three students (yippee!) and is planning for three presentations next week. What have you guys been up to this ...